At FYLA, we develop and produce our technology.

Thus, we accomplish to deliver top-tier, groundbreaking lasers for different applications.

Whether you are a researcher striving to deliver the best in vitro images, or pushing the laser technology beyond the frontier, this offer is for you:

  • For a limited time, we are delivering our last batch of 5 supercontinuum lasers with over a 15% discount, with special features:
  • Spectral range (special feature): 480-2400nm
  • 1 W
  • Excellent stability: <0.5% (std. dev.)
  • 24 months-long guarantee

Order now and receive yours in September.
Best performance at unbeatable prices for your beyond-the-frontier research!

Get in touch with our colleague Gaia Sardiello and push your research to the next level!


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