We Laser the New Industry


Our Mission

At FYLA We Laser The New Industry and beyond, creating and commercializing laser technology by joining Singularity, Quality and Profitability for our clients and stakeholders.


Our Values

We shape the future, by leveraging and promoting openness, culturing trust, and always taking the challenges as our core motivation


Our Vision

At FYLA We pursue to Lead the Industry transformation trough photonics as a lever for the development of new sectors and new applications

The Team

FYLA people: a blend of Business, Science and Engineering, distilling Laser

Albert Ortigosa

Brings body and skin to our products

Azahara Almagro

Delivers the high power side of our lasers

Chus Moscardo

Admins the numbers behind lasers

Gaia Sardiello

Our sales ambassador

Hector Muñoz

Creates the fastests lasers

Ismael Almazan

Drives and creates the context to grow

Dr. Javier Abreu

Makes real what is just a Sketch

Dr. Pere Pérez-Millán

The Wizard

Dr. Salvador Torres

Our Seeds start from him

Viorel Otgon

Making the ABC of Operations


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