Two oral presentations at Photon 2020

The 2nd and 4th of September, we will be doubly present at Photon 2020, organized by the IOP Institute of Physics.

First, on Sept the 2nd at 15:15 (BST timezone), FYLA´s Corporate Business Developer Director Dr Sara Otero will present “Simplified Two-Photon Microscopy with Cost-Effective Broadband 15 fs Fiber Laser”. In her talk, Dr Otero presents our new SCH, an ideal compact and robust solution for two-photon, SHG microscopy, and how SCH can boost research in the field of in vivo imaging beyond the frontier.

Also at this event, on Sept the 4th at 14:15 (BST timezone), during the Industrial Technology Sessions, our CTO Dr Pérez-Millán will present his oral presentation “Ultrafast Fiber Lasers in Multiphoton Science” where he will explain multiphoton excitation (MPE) and its requirements for efficient applications in bioimaging and/or inspection of semiconductors, as with FYLA´s LFC1500X y SCH lasers.

If you want to know how FYLA´s products can take your research to the next level, don´t miss the presentations at Photon 2020!


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