Black FYLADAY Offer

Order your 1W Supercontinuum Fiber Laser by november 30th and get a 10% OFF

highly stable picosecond supercontinuum fiber laser delivering over 1 Watt of average power across the 450-2300 nm* spectral range and more than 30 mW in the visible range.

The FYLA SCT is a very versatile illumination source with a broadband spectrum that can be used for multiple applications including absorption/transmission measurements for material characterization, VIS, NIR and IR spectroscopy, single molecule spectroscopy and fluorescence excitation.

Broadbandness, Reliability, Compactness, and Simplicity at the Most Competitive Price.

A basic in your laboratory cabinet that you must have.

Black FYLADAY offer

*The laser´s broad spectrum can be filtered out using the FYLA TW . Contact us for more information.

Black FYLADAY offer is limited to 5 units. This offer can not be combined with any other offer.


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